Though I don’t actually own one of these, I was recently able to get a demo of one in person. The Levi’s & Google Trucker Commuter jacket is made specifically with bikers in mind. Instead of having to pull out their cell phones to answer calls or get directions from google maps, those wearing the jacket can tap certain parts of it, like it’s cuff, to answer calls or get GPS directions. Users can also tap the cuff to play music or have their text messages read. The jacket has sensors woven into certain areas that connect wirelessly to the user’s cell phone. My friend who mainly gets around by bike and owns one of these said he actually finds the jacket quite useful, though the tech can get glitchy. I’d be interested in seeing if there are any plans to expand this tech to products more common than denim jackets, as I’d find a hoodie with similar capabilities more versatile and more desirable.