The collaboration between Adidas and Parley has garnered a lot of attention. As Adidas continues to collaborate with new and interesting figures like Pharrell, this collaboration seems perhaps their most meaningful. Parley for the Oceans is an organization that focuses on finding creative ways to treat oceans more responsibly. The collaboration is comprised of several Adidas shoe models remade, this time with upcycled plastic found in oceans. I think this is desirable on a few fronts. Firstly, it’s trendy to be “green” but it also gives one a feeling of satisfaction and a sense of meaningfulness that they can be reminded of on a daily basis. I think the shoes from the collection also look great, and in typical adidas fashion have become important pieces of today’s athleisure market. The ultra boost X- Parley is no exception. A friend of mine won’t stop raving about how comfortable his pair is and how cool it is to have shoes made from recycled materials. It’s evident that the social factor of conscious footwear is a strong one as well.