No, I did not buy a Boeing commercial airliner – but I flew on one! I got a chance to visit family back in Brazil during the Spring Break and chose to fly a different (and longer) route than I usually do just so I could try out the experience of flying in one of United’s new Dreamliners planes. The big deal of this new kind of airplane is that its built mostly with composites – especially carbon fiber – instead of aluminium, making it way lighter and flexible than it normally would be, with big cost savings on fuel. But Boeing decided to take this design a step further by implementing a series of cabin improvements that create a whole new flying experience for the passenger. Windows are considerably larger than normal airplanes, giving you the sensation of space and amazing views, there’s a new system of air humidification, that removes odor particles and adds droplets of water, with precise temperature control – and finally a much quieter cabin. It really does feel like riding a spaceship at times, especially because of the way the wings of this plane flex to wind, drastically reducing turbulences. Next time you’re flying long haul, forget about every other detail and simply look out for the Dreamliner’s codes “788” or “789” under “Aircraft” on the reservation website – I am sure you will have a great ride.