Good Street is something I interact with daily, and something I never thought to include it in a WIG until this week’s challenge. When we were asked to think about was produces the feeling of awe, I kept thinking of things that give me some sort of greater perspective- something that takes me out of my personal head space for a minute and think of things greater than myself. And when I got the daily email from Good St. Monday morning, I realized that is exactly what it did for me. Good St. is an organization started by high school students at the time, that you sign up to participate in, and you pledge to donate 25 cents a day (or up to $10), to various charities. The emails are set up in a very easy to use way that lets you understand the cause. Each day is themed around a given cause and a description of the cause is at the top. Below that are two companies/organizations that try to make a difference within that category, and a single image and short description of each one. You then choose which you want your portion to go to for that day. Below today’s options are the results from every users choices the day before- you see the percentage that gave to organization a and the percentage to organization b and the total amount that went to each. It creates a community among young people who want to give and make a difference, but don’t have big paychecks, or the accessibility to give to effective causes this easily. While it is still growing, Im not sure how directly impactful the cumulative donations are to the organizations, but if it keeps growing at this rate it had the potential to make a great difference. Currently, the greatest impact it has in my perspective, is that it causes young people to think about things that are bigger than themselves on a daily basis. I recommend checking them out and anyone who reads this should sign up to be part of it.