I decided to taste test Dark Chocolate from Ghirardelli, Lindt, and Burdick. I have to admit, the cocoa content of each piece wasn’t the same, so that definitely played a factor into the overall taste and desirability of the chocolates. Lindt was the most bitter (78%), and had the strongest bitter taste. There seemed to not other taste other than bitter. The texture felt creamier than the others, and was stickier making it melt more slowly in my mouth. Burdick (69-72%) was the most expensive piece, and honestly tasted quite gross. It had a sour tinge, but its taste did evolve into a sweeter feel as the piece melted in my mouth. Ghirardelli was simply not dark chocolate – it was way too sweet even though it was branded as dark chocolate, it tasted more like milk chocolate. Lindt was definitely me number one preference.