I tried three different version of peach yogurt and am using Desmet Hekkert’s product experience framework to assess and compare them. I first conducted a blind taste test in which Green Mountain emerged the clear winner. The peach flavor tasted real and did not overpower my taste buds. Next was Siggi’s, which was a bit too sour, followed by Stonyfield, whose excessive sweetness made it seem artificial. The texture of the three yogurts was similar, although Siggi’s was a bit dry and Stonyfield a bit watery. I didn’t notice differences in smell or appearance save for the branding – I prefer Siggi’s clean, artisanal look to the other two container designs. An interesting fact from the reading is that people tend to become attached to products with personalities similar to their own. I wouldn’t say Green Mountain mimicked my own personality but perhaps it spoke to my preference for balance as it sat between two extremes when it came to taste and texture. Having said this, the Siggi’s branding made me reconsider my top pick as it suggested a higher quality than the other two. I was also happiest tasting Green Mountain because it was the first sweet thing I had after a large, savory meal. This initial effect might have worn off when tasting the other two yogurts, influencing which yogurt I preferred.