The product I chose to analyze for this experiment was coffee, banal as it is, but I was hoping to bring new experiences and discover something new about this everyday activity which I otherwise don’t pay much attention to. 1. Coffee with milk from Baglesaurus. Despite expectations, the taste was rather disappointing. The coffee itself didn’t have any particular flavor, and the milk was cold, so I got a pretty upsetting feeling of a slightly warm drink during a terribly cold day. 2. Iced Vietnamese coffee from Bon Me. Amazing taste! Slightly sweet, very flavored, bright taste of coffee, perfect amount of milk, especially refreshing on a rather hot, sunny day. This is my new favorite that I only discovered because of the experiment! 3. Coconut milk latte from Starbucks. I usually take one with skim milk, but decided to try something different and was pleasantly surprised- such a difference and what an amazing taste! Hot and satisfying as a proper coffee should be! All overall, the experiment was eye-opening how everyday experiences can influence the quality of life and mood for the day overall. I am happy I got a chance to discover new things and am now excited to try this approach in different ways.