Hear Me is an interactive art installation concept that we believe inspires awe based on the scale of the project, its aesthetic qualities, and its emotional appeal. Designed to be able to fit into a variety of spaces, and able to be scaled up or down (with the number of speakers changing) to fit the needs of the hosting space or gallery, Hear Me’s simplicity makes it an ideal installation. The premise of the installation is stacked speakers, placed around the space. Each of the speakers broadcasts a story from the human experience: a beautiful piece of music, a poem, a story, a spoken word act, laughter. When visitors enter the space, the speakers are all on together, creating a euphony of voices that swells over the listener, representing a selection of human emotions and stories that in turn represent the human experience. The listeners can wander between the speakers and even touch them, which would mute the other speakers and allow the listeners to capture just one story, one thread in the fabric, before releasing the button and being immersed in the tapestry of sound once more.