Inspired by Professor Altringer’s quest for the perfect guacamole, we strove to understand what goes into the perfect massage. Everyone we talked to experienced more underwhelming massages than good ones. When researching and breaking down the elements of the perfect massage, we kept coming back to one word: Enchantment. Enchantment is defined as a “feeling of great pleasure and the state of being under a spell; magic.” We wanted to translate this feeling into the experience of a massage. We developed the “Enchanted Journey,” the perfect massage experience where from your doorstep you enter into enchantment and you leave the experience feeling enchanted. Utilizing Desmet & Hekkert’s framework, we made sure the journey to the perfect massage incorporated aesthetic, meaningful, and emotional experiences. These elements are translated in the details such as using virtual reality to build a space that is aesthetically pleasing to you, having the therapist guide you to massage studio, and sharing your experiences with someone meaningful.