A shocking, loud, and suddenly blaring noise is the least natural way for one to wake up, and yet, it is how most of us start our day. Research shows, that the shrill sound of alarm clock can stimulate our brain to produce hormones of stress and anxiety, and generally makes waking up an unpleasant process. Vega, named after one of the largest stars, is designed to revolutionize the morning experience. It is an alarm clock, that wakes you up by slowly projecting a glowing replica of the sunrise throughout the room with a 360* lens. Moreover, Vega is equipped with high quality speakers, that produce soft sounds of nature instead of usual alarm clock audios. Vega is created to help people start every day on a pleasant, peaceful note and to allow them to take a  moment to center themselves before they begin their busy day. Waking up to a harmonious feeling helps to embrace the beauty of life and experience Awe.  Future iterations of Vega will include a night setting to allow you to fall asleep under the stars, in your own room.