For the most part, beer manufacturers amongst beverage mass manufacturers in general claim to spend a majority of their efforts designing and perfecting the flavor of their product. While taste is definitely one of the primary components of the consumer’s user experience, the presentation and packaging of the beverage are the primary means by which the consumers visually interact with their beverages and is, therefore, a non-trivial part of the user experience as well. Within the scope of mass-market beer bottling, Guinness seems to have truly set themselves apart with their Draught stout bottles. With an already famous flavor and brand, Guinness managed to marry its iconic beverage with an elegant, classy exterior. With a matte black exterior that extends from the base all the way through the neck of the bottle, the design immediately sets its self apart from most traditional bottles. In covering the bottle in this matte black, the bottle itself seems to become a much more cohesive form, void of the visual inconsistencies that arise from light bouncing and refracting within the translucent glass of more traditional bottles. The noticeably refined silhouette of the bottle also enhances the cohesive, streamlined form. The minimal printed labeling of the bottle pairs well with the underlying aesthetic. The Guinness harp logo printed in gold coloring against the matte black exterior draws the majority of the consumers focus allowing Guinness’s brand to speak for itself. In pairing this refined aesthetic with this quality beverage, Guinness was able to elevate the experience of an already iconic product.