Confetti Time is a product created to to help users visualize how much time they actually waste. We drew inspiration from the concept of “time confetti” in Brigid Schilte’s book: Overwhelmed: Work, Love, And Play When No One Has The Time. The idea is that we don’t realize how much time we actually waste since they are wasted in small chunks of 5 – 10 minutes of scrolling through Facebook or other menial tasks that make us “feel accomplished.” Confetti time is a LED strip that will track how you used time in real time based by syncing with RescueTime (or other background time tracking apps). The strip is something you can lay by your laptop, wear on your wrist, or even hang up on your wall. The physical strip works jointly with the Confetti Time application where you also get to visualize the time spent. Users can also choose to “add time” by creating tasks each day that add meaning, or by setting and completing goals. At the end of each day, Confetti Time helps users fully visualize how their day was spent by reorganizing all the different colours together – the accumulation of the confetti of wasted time. Users will also be helped in building new habits through our calendar visualization; they can immediately see which days and how often they went to the gym for example. This helps users visualize their time and work to better their actions and habits.