I know what you may be thinking. “How much?!” Yes, Airpods are quite pricey. And I don’t think I would purchase them myself. But boy are they a game changer! I have owned quite the array of headphones. From Beats by Dr. Dre, to the regular apple earpods, nothing quite compares to the Apple Airpods. Imagine popping in a device in your ear that auto connects to your devices, depending on which one you’ve decided to use. Then imagine pausing your music when you take one out to speak to a friend. Then imagine it automatically playing again once you pop it back it. A miracle. But don’t get me wrong, there are some problems with the device. It isn’t designed for everyone, including me. My ears are small, so when I workout, I have to wear things silicon wing tips to secure the Airpods in my ear. But then again, the experience is still better than any of the other options. The product has been receiving some push back. It looks like earpods with the strings cut off. Why are they so expensive? They may be easy to lose and very expensive to replace. Is it worth the buy? Probably not, but it’s What I’ve Got.