Product summary: A backpack to prove that it is possible to create a circular lifecycle for cotton material that never ends in a landfill. The bag has a simple design and is created with reused all cotton t-shirts and jeans. when you buy our pack, you receive a similarly sized linen sack that has a preprinted, prepaid shipping label on it. There is a small cash deposit with the cost of the order and it is then up to you to put the old jeans and t-shirts in your closet that you would have donated or thrown out in the sack and simply drop it off at a post office to be shipped back to us. When we receive the sack, we will then refund you your deposit in relation to the fullness of the sack (half full sack = half deposit return, full sack = full deposit return). We will then use the clothes you send us to make more bags. A similar shipping label is also on the inside of every bag so when it grows worn out or is no longer in use the consumer can turn the bag inside out and ship it back to us so that we can reuse the fabrics. Therefore, keeping cotton in a never-ending cycle of use.