WIG – Pentax K1000

by baltringer

Ran into a friend sporting this camera today and had to use it for my WIG.  The K1000 is the most basic of its line in the Pentax brand, but has been hailed by many for its simplicity of use and durability.  With an almost totally mechanically operated body, the camera can run without any batteries (save for the light metering functions) and uses a roll of film to capture the photos.  I think a physical photograph carries much more emotional value than one taken digitally due to the effort involved in obtaining the photo.  Investing time into having the roll developed and waiting for the pictures to arrive adds a degree of anticipation for the final product, and because one doesn’t know *precisely* how the photo will turn out due to the camera not having a digital screen to display a picture preview, one is also anxious to see how the photo looks in real life.  My friend snapped a few impromptu pictures of me on the phone and I for one can’t wait to see what they look like.

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