by baltringer

In the age of fast fashion, HEATTECH reigns supreme. Developed by the Japanese clothing company UNIQLO, HEATTECH embodies UNIQLO’s mission to ‘create truly great clothing with new and unique value for people all over the world.’ HEATTECH has succeeded in doing this by maximizing functionality, comfort and style in a single clothing item. UNIQLO breaks down ‘functionality’ into several components, including heat absorption, retention and odor control, and points to Japanese fiber technology as one of the primary sources of its innovation.

As a user, I appreciate that HEATTECH keeps me very warm in winter with just one layer such that I can usually avoid the cumbersome process of having to wear multiple layers when the temperature drops. At the same time, HEATTECH’s thinness makes it a great option if I do need or want to layer. HEATTECH long-sleeved shirts’ simple yet elegant cut and range of colors make them great standalone clothing items for day or night and easy to match with pretty much anything in my wardrobe. The shirt has also stood the test of time and many washes in the laundry. A great value at a great price!

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