As a sneakerhead, I have been closely following the advent of a relatively new brand that has grown to dominate the luxury sneaker industry: Common Projects. At first sight, Common Projects’ iconic Achilles Low sneaker, the design that has generated so much hype among the most stylish sartorialists around the world, might simply look like a pair of plain white shoes that do not warrant its steep price tag. However, upon closer examination and wear, it is not so hard to see how the brand has developed a cult of followers and why it is referred to as the Apple of sneakers. The Common Projects sneaker is beautifully constructed with soft yet durable Italian leather and has a sleek non-bulky silhouette that a lot of other popular white sneakers like Stan Smiths or the Adidas Superstar lack. What really sets Common Projects apart though is its elegant minimalist design. The sneaker’s signature design features a uniformly colored leather and sole and a ten-digit serial number stamped in gold on the outer heel, making the shoe as recognizable as a Nike Swoosh. Less expensive than a pair of Saint Laurent sneakers but sleeker and more understated than a pair of Stan Smiths, Common Projects sneakers can be both dressed up and worn casually, making its hype among fashionistas warranted.