As a shopaholic, there aren’t many stores that I haven’t visited, and by far, one of my favorite is Primark. Even despite knowing about their awful treatment of labors, for some reason I’m still drawn to them whenever I need an article of clothing, or when I see their bright sign while I walk through Downtown Boston. So what is it about this store that makes it so easy for me to suddenly forget everything I know about their business?

For one if you look at the Primark website, the first thing that’s thrown at you are the prices. Denim jackets for $7, puffer jackets for $15 – those are prices that are really hard to beat, especially when compared to other popular stores in the area (e.g. H&M, Forever 21, etc.). Plus, despite the somewhat cheap material, everything looks well-made. The thin material and sometimes strange stitching are overshadowed by the fact that there are so many basic and statement pieces. You can find anything and everything at Primark – even home decor! So, if you’re lazy, it’s a really tempting idea to just go to one store and get your PJs, your date night outfit, and your comforter all from one place.

Speaking specifically about the Boston location of this store, as soon as you walk in, you’re hit by cool. Mannequins, light, and clothes surround you in an instant. Escalators are right in front of you, but you may not know that in order to go down, you have to go to the other side of the building, meaning that you’re more likely to get lost in the sea of low prices and bright colors.

Both the online and physical stores have a way of capturing people. And once you see how much you save, when compared to buying from other stores, it’s really easy to make Primark your go-to for pretty much anything you need. Whoever is in charge of marketing for this store is brilliant.