Emojination is a grassroots organization that campaigns to make the emoji determination process more inclusive.
It’s a way for anyone to plug into the emoji creation process. The group actively recruits people to get involved in emoji design. Some of their goals include increasing representation and participation within the Unicode Consortium, the umbrella body that votes on which emojis make it to our keyboards. Emojination has a team of designers and proposal writers to help those who want to campaign for the adoption of new emoji symbols. They also run Emojicon, a three-day celebration of all things emoji.
It was founded by Jennifer 8. Lee and Yiying Lu in 2015 after a text conversation in which they realized there was no dumpling emoji. Lu, a designer went on to create her own illustration for the dumpling symbol and they pushed for Unicode to adopt as a universal symbol. The two of them launched Emojination with a Kickstarter campaign. I’ve gotten involved through the petition for an interracial couple emoji (the proposal is incidentally gender inclusive). While Windows has them coded already, emojination is working to bring them to the entire Unicode ecosystem.
It’s a great idea: Emojis by popular demand. Who has a great idea for an emoji?