Invented in 1910 by Louis E. Baltzley to simplify the act of paper-binding, the binder clip is a household item that can be found everywhere today – from modern offices to libraries to school desks. Because paper was previously bounded by punching holes in them and sewing them together, it was extremely difficult to remove or add new sheets of paper. In wanting to help his father hold his manuscripts together, Baltzley created this tool which solved the problem with a simple and efficient design. But that doesn’t mean people haven’t gotten creative in the past years. These binder clips have been crafted to hold computer cables, to form smartphone docks, to organize beer bottles, and even to create a makeshift light box. Perhaps the magic to such a simple design is the ability to form something multi-functional, to enhance its original purpose without ever forgetting its root function. For me, the binder clip is reliable, effortless, and functional – exactly what I need to bind my papers together.