Through an analysis of my recent instagram post I believe I have developed a base understanding of what my followers respond and react the most too. There are a few factors that stood out the most.

  • There was a large draw from Christmas related posts. The holiday spirit and joy of the two Christmas posts got them some of the most traffic.
  • There is definitely a large aesthetic aspect. Consistently the photos that had beautiful women, an attractive well dressed friend or me shirtless got more likes.
  • In my more recent post I have made the move from generic captions to Winnie the Pooh quotes and that out of the ordinary decision seems to also draw more likes.

For interaction statistics, the majority of my posts got around 3 comments, but when the image included an out of the ordinary activity of some strange accessory (the overalls, the fanny pack, etc.) more people were inclined to comment. An interesting aspect of this is that the comments were rarely related to the things that drew the interaction.