After analyzing my 12 most recent Instagram photos, I’ve concluded a few things.

The photos with more likes are brighter, happy, and uplifting. Photos with my family or my significant other have more likes and comments than those with my friend(s). Photos that are by myself receive the least engagement. I have also learned that the caption matters, but I shouldn’t try too hard either. A simple yet quirky caption that captures the significance of the image will do. On that note, the significance of the photo needs to be clear to the audience to have higher engagement. I have usually done this through location tagging. However, when the location does not capture the context clearly, the caption must be used for specification. Other general photo enhancements include better lighting, warmer colors, bright scenery, and when possible, photos with nature. Lastly, I found that my horizontal photos can do better. With better cropping, vertical photos seem to have more engagement.

When designing my three new photos, I kept a few things in mind. I involved those most significant to me, brightened the colors, warm the scenery, and made sure the caption captured the emotion and meaning of the image. I think this will work because it will encompass a happy and sentimental scene for the images. I believe most people engage in posts that they relate to directly/indirectly through a shared compassion for others. I’ll test this out in the days to come and will keep you posted!