Wearable: Scrunchie

by baltringer

Hairtie, elastic band, chongo, ponytail holder… here lie the slew of names for our old beloved friend. Though holding up long human manes since 1963, the initially known ‘scunci’ premiered its well-known design in 1994 by a fellow named Rommy Revson. Before the scrunchie, rubber bands dominate hair-putting-up, causing nasty problems like hair thinning, split ends, and of course, horrible pain when removed. While its fantastically fabric composition makes perfect sense for non-scalp-masochistic long-haired athletes, its birthing has also led to an array of designs in “grippable yet painless” hair tie offshoots, and its style still rocks the 90s-nostalgic shelves of Polly Pocket tumblr pages and /r/vaporwave subreddits.

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