I’m living off-campus this term, and moving into an unfurnished room. I really like having a very long desk, and was browsing through potential options, but even used desks in the length I wanted were often upwards of $500, and made of very heavy materials, making the concept of dragging said desk, even if I coughed up the cash, up four flights of stairs an unappealing one. I stumbled across the Floyd Leg, a product developed by a company called Floyd in Detroit that allows you to take any flat surface and make it into a table without any tools at all. The “Leg” is made of an adjustable clamp that seamlessly runs into the leg itself; four Legs, attached to a piece of plywood, for example, would make a minimalist, stylish, and lightweight table that could easily be assembled and moved if needed, and all for a mere hundred bucks or so. (Genius!) The Floyd Leg was funded on Kickstarter and has now given way to several more minimalist Floyd products, including a dinner-table kit (complete with a ratchet winch to hold tension between all four legs in a much larger table), a platform bed, and a coat-hanger.