After a long day in Cambridge’s cold winters, I love returning to Pfoho and slipping on my Uniqlo Jogger Sweatpants. These pants are incredibly comfortable–they’re stretchy and soft on the inside–and feel somewhat stylish due to their slim, tapered fit. The style originated out of “sneaker culture.” Around 2013, Ronnie Feig, the designer and founder of KITH, wanted a pant that wouldn’t hide his shoes. He took a pair of baggy cargo pants and added an elastic cuff on the bottom. In an interview with Complex, Feig said, “Once completed, I got more compliments on the pants than I did my footwear.” Since KITH released their KITH Mercer pant, a wide array of brands have caught on, from Adidas to J. Crew. In 2014, the Wall Street Journal called joggers “yoga pants for men.” While I don’t necessarily wear them to show off my sneakers or to do yoga, I like the fact that I can wear comfortable sweatpants that are also stylish.