The H Sweater, or more generally, the letter sweater, is an iconic item of clothing that is intimately connected to Harvard and Ivy League culture, and is instantly recognizable despite being only one letter. The H Sweater is the most popular sweater on Harvard’s campus. Today it is sold by multiple Harvard-related companies, including the Harvard Shop and Hillflint.
It was started by the Harvard baseball team in 1865— certain players who played in the most important games of the season were allowed to wear the H Jersey; those who did not completely earn it had to return it at the end of the season. This was also the beginning of the tradition of giving Varsity letter.
It was used to convey honor, which seems to be something it still does today- it is a symbol of achievement and insider status, worn by people who go to Harvard, but also practical and simple. Harvard students today continue to model the H sweater for advertising campaigns.