Boyfriend jeans have been around since the 1870s, but have only recently come to be a trendy staple a woman’s closet. Baggy, loose, and rolled up to ankle length, these jeans make for breathable and comfortable clothing. In the 2000s, loose bottoms paired with tube or crop tops were all the rage, and spoke volumes to the movement towards clothing that expressed self-confidence and expression of personality.

However, a decade later, it’s time for a change. Fashion is moving in the direction of sleeker style, and more streamlined, but still effortless looking, outfits. Jeans are an important staple to anyone’s closet, so it’s important that even basic items stay up to date with the current trends. That’s why girlfriend jeans are here.

While girlfriend jeans still have a similar fit to boyfriend jeans, the two should not be confused. Girlfriend jeans, though still loose fitting, are slimmer than boyfriend jeans. The legs are narrower, but not clingy, making a woman’s figure appear leaner and longer, while still allowing her to be comfortable. The length of girlfriend jeans are purposely cut to be just above ankle length, providing the illusion of being taller. The title of “girlfriend jeans” also allows for greater flexibility in the styling of the pants. Where boyfriend jeans are meant to be more, well, boyish, girlfriend jeans allow for extra miles of creativity. From raw hems, to a higher waist, to even printing designs along the jeans, girlfriend jeans break fashion boundaries and allow women of all backgrounds to express themselves to the fullest.