Though I hate grocery shopping, what gets me through it is being able to go to Trader Joe’s every week. Trader Joe’s, like what Starbucks aimed for back in the day, creates a local, personalized shopping experience. Part of its charm lies in the murals it hires artists to paint on the walls, which are connected thematically to the city or town the store is located in. Shoppers can also purchase reusable shopping bags that represent the town they live in (I’ve started somewhat of a collection from all the places I’ve lived). Regardless of whether TJ’s is located in San Francisco or Greenville. it evokes a neighborhood-y vibe. Other grocery store chains feel much more corporate and impersonal when you walk through their doors. The friendly staff also contribute to the pleasant environment of TJ’s stores. Last but not least, TJ’s selection of items limit the options shoppers must browse through to find what they want, making grocery shopping much more efficient and stress-free than what it can be.