Challenge 8: pov

by post_author

The desirability for me is not necessarily about revolutionary concept and business model like what Uber have. It is more about catering the one or two specific need of certain group of people and making sure the needs have been taken good care of. The journey of finding and designing desirability for me would usually start with digging out and identify the problem. Then, narrowing down target audience is also significant. These two steps help me figure out what need that I am going to deal with.

The other part of constructing desirability would involve overall design strategy to catering the target need in multiple level. What I explored more in these challenges is the strategic aspect of product/experience, including “how did the business model integrate with product design” (challenge3: Money Tree) and “What could be the advertisement strategy to promote the biggest selling point of one product (Challenge5 hashtag) ”, because this is the aspect that I don’t usually get access to when I conduct “design”.

What I discovered when reviewing10 challenges is that I have strong preference on digital material/products rather than real object. This bias is not fully due to personal interest, but because of the mind set of designers. As far as I’m concerned, most of the successful industry product is not based on its highly revolutionary concept but the user experience detail. Since I understand what it takes to come up with a successful product and I’m not very confident in mock up (using materials we can get to substitute actual material), it makes me reluctant to try. There are definitely some missing opportunities here.

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