What I’ve Got: Zam-buk

by post_author

I first discovered Zam-Buk when I was studying abroad in South Africa. I was looking for a lip balm and *thought* that’s what this was… when I decided to use Zam-Buk as my WIG this week, I researched it and realized it’s actually an herbal ointment… I’ve been using it as a lip balm for the past year. I love the product, but the fact that I didn’t even realize its intended purpose until a year later speaks a lot about the design (or lack thereof). Although it’s visually appealing, you wouldn’t know what the product could be used for just by looking at it – I kind of just assumed it was a lip balm. The product can actually be used for a million other things – including healing small cuts and ulcers. There are things I love about it – the green and white and overall visual, the fact that it’s made with eucalyptus so it smells great – but something that I think the company should consider is the market they might be missing due to misleading design.

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