Across time, cultures, and generation, meals have always served (pun intended) as an opportunity to bring people together. Meal Swap is designed to bring families together and out of their comfort zones. The program works by matching families of similar sizes who live within a drive of one another and then “swapping” them. Meal Swap is designed as a program to both unify the families while giving them new experiences and a different perspective. 

On a night when both families are free, each would separately prepare their favorite meal. By making a meal together and for another family, each family would have a special opportunity to bond, make decisions together, and make memories all while making their favorite cuisine that ideally represents aspects of their cultural identity. For example, each family member might make their own favorite side and work together to make an entree. After preparing the meal, the family would set the table just as they would if they were eating. Then, the families would swap homes/dinners – becoming immersed in another family’s experience. The hope is to spark conversation and to place a family in a entirely new environment, with the hopes of showing that when it comes right down to it, humans aren’t all that different from one another – we love one another, work hard, and at the end of the day, just want to be happy.