The Laser is one of the iconic racing dinghies. Anyone who’s involved in sailing knows the Laser, and there have been over 200,000 made since the early 1970s. It has also been one of the dinghies raced at the Olympics since it was introduced in 1996. The Laser is well designed because it is incredibly modular and affordable. On all Lasers almost all of the parts and components are interchangeable, and the scale that it is produced in means that these replacement parts can be bought for a reasonable price. The mast is also constructed in two parts, and you can buy different sized masts and different sized sails, allowing for people of different sizes to use the same hull. There is the Laser Full Rig, the Laser Radial, and the Laser 4.7. Full grown men generally use the Full Rig, down to young teens using the 4.7.