GET90. Athletic Style Peaked in the 90s, Let’s bring it back.

Both Spencer and I are athletes here at Harvard, so we spend a lot of time in athletic gear. All the big brands are making highly technical clothing, but it’s all so boring. Black, grey and white are the main colors you’ll see being worn around the boathouse and in the lacrosse change room. We want to change this.

Black, black, black, black and black.

So how are we going to fix this?

Inspired by the athletic clothes of the late 80s and early 90s, we’ve started GET90, our own line of athletic clothing. It will use the most advanced technical fabrics available, but we won’t lose focus on design. We design with loud colors, big branding, and designs that make people look at you and do a double take in this age of boring athletic gear.

Our design decisions have been informed by years of athletic experience, understanding what makes a piece of gear cool is a skill that takes time to develop, and both Spencer and I have it. We analyzed the style of the late 80s and 90s to single out the factors that have made it so timelessly cool, and we are bringing that knowledge and technical thinking to GET90.

The Product

We have made an athleisure style vest in bold, bright colors, that is just as at home on a morning jog as it is in a dorm room, or really anywhere you can think to wear it. It is loud, well designed, and it’ll get you the attention that your athletic prowess deserves. We also constructed a pair of Nike inspired shoes, which use their unique color scheme to communicate the ideas of fun, personality, and give you a clear advantage over your opponent, through the powers of hype.


We’ve produced a number of mockups of what our brand might actually look like when being worn by professional athletes.

Mike Tyson is wearing the GET90 subtle crewneck. It has an embroidered shoulder patch that lets people know he really means business. You don’t wear GET90 unless you’re prepared to bite someone’s ear off. Notice his manager has a GET90 lapel pin. We have plans to enter the business formal market in the future. 

Here we see a member of the GET90 NBA team. The big patterns and stripes let you know that this guy will dunk on you, but he’ll be wearing a big GET90 smile while he’s doing it.

Of course, no self respecting brand would launch without support from Snoop Dogg, who is showcasing one of our athleisure rugby sweaters in this photograph.


Our moodboard does an incredible job of helping understand the concept. These outfits did look better in the early 90s. They’re much more fun, and have so much more personality than sportswear today.

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