Perhaps one of the most recognizable pencils, the distinct 2/HB green-and-yellow Ticonderoga pencil is known for being a quality writing instrument. Due to a proprietary blend for its graphite, writing with these pencil feels smooth and almost always produces lustrous and dark lettering. The shiny, metallic lettering against its pine wood encasing evokes a sense of the lettering on an award and supports the idea that writing with the pencil is a “premium” or “luxurious” experience. Finally, the erasure is also very soft and without extreme pressure, will usually glide across a page rather than tearing it. Ticonderoga Tri-Write pencils feature the high quality pencil design from Ticonderoga with an added ergonomic twist: a trefoil cross-section for easier grip. As someone who presses very hard while writing, this has been a life-saver for my knuckles. Compared with traditional hexagonal pencils, the Tri-Write’s reduced number of edges allows a surface rather than an edge to sit on the knuckle of the ring finger, thereby reducing pressure on it. Moreover, as the Tri-Write is more natural to grip with the writing fingers than a hexagonal cross section, it is much easier to write for longer periods of time. For its premium materials, experience, and ergonomics, Ticonderoga’s Tri-Write is What I’ve Got in my pencil case.