WHAT I’VE GOT: Zojirushi 3-cup rice cooker

Attention all soon-to-be recent college grads — are you looking for an easy way to transition to a life without dining halls? Are you also a fan of rice? Well, have I got the machine for you!

This Zojirushi rice cooker is the definitive way to make rice. Made in Japan, the kitchen device utilizes a host of integrated sensors (as well as something called “fuzzy logic”) to determine when rice is perfectly done, instead of relying on a timer. To use, one simply adds rice and the corresponding amount of current water.

While the quality of rice coming out of the machine is phenomenal, equally useful are its features for timing and programming. I can set it in the evening and wake up to fresh rice, or operate it in the morning and have it ready by the time I get back.