WHAT I’VE GOT: KeepCup glass coffee cup

As a GSD student, I’m sort of a night owl (e.g. see post timestamp) — and needless to say all-day coffee consumption comes with the territory. However, my need for coffee 24/7 and my own evolving tastes — and budgetary concerns — have left me in a bind: I’m too rushed to make and drink coffee at home, too poor and snobby to buy coffee at a nearby shop.

Enter the KeepCup! It’s nothing revolutionary: a glass-walled, cork-insulated and plastic-enclosed travel mug. That being said, it does its core function perfectly. Coffee I put inside the mug stays inside the mug! It doesn’t come sloshing out over the sides or leak through the seal. It’s a near-infinite improvement over my previous mode of coffee acquisition and consumption!