I love using the Flat Tomato app. Before using this app I would often set goals for how long I wanted to work on an assignment but would often not meet that goal and work on that assignment far longer than planned. Ultimately, that comes down to all the small procrastination breaks that people do when working on assignments. It’s hard to notice how often you pick up your phone to check something and get carried away for a couple minutes. Those minutes quickly add up and set you behind your goals. With this app, you work for 25 minutes then are given a 5 minute break. You do this again and again until you are given a 15 minute break on the 5th time and then you’re back down to 5 minute breaks. The work for 25, break for 5 technique truly incentivizes me to get work done in that time so that I can get carried for a couple minutes then return to the task at hand. Try using this app and you’ll notice how frequently you pick up your phone and get carried away.