The Bar Handle makes using bar soap much easier. Bar soap is superior to body wash for a number of reasons, but many people do not use it due to the inconveniences. Bar soap slips out of people’s hands when wet, melts and get stuck to the wall unit, gets unusable as it nears the end of its lifespan, and is hard to travel with. While body wash is a more appealing solution for multiple users, it is likely that many body wash users would rethink their preference if their concerns were remedied.

We found our inspiration in deodorant sticks, as we realized that the ability to only expose the part of the soap that we’re using can solve most of our problems. In addition, deodorant sticks can be capped and taken on the go. We decided to create a product that works just like that- a container for soap that would expose just the right amount of soap you need through a twist action, with the ability to be sealed. However, we realized that such a container might be annoying to place, so we decided that the sides would be magnetic. That way, the container can attach right to the showerhead or handle. Rather than 3D printing a new container, we avoided reinventing the wheel and opted to modify a deodorant container to hold soap. First, we bought a typical deodorant stick, a regular bar of soap, and magnets. Then, we melted the soap and poured it into the deodorant container after removing the deoderant. We also dropped in a couple small magnets into the mixture. After the soap set, we had a basic prototype.

Since The Bar Handle allows users to use their own soap, we thought it best to keep the design of the holder simple. Our logo references bubbles, a symbol of cleanliness and soap, and our slogan is meant to be simple and emphasize that bar soap is a classic (hence the serif). Our ad is in the style of magazine beauty ads and the simplicity of the design highlights The Bar Handle as an easily-implemented, elegant, and desirable solution.

The Bar Handle is the solution to the messiness of bar soap. The sleek holder provides a grip and keeps soap neat and contained. Instead of dousing the whole bar and being left with a soppy mess that sits in water or leaves residue, users simply twist to expose what they need. The Bar Handle is especially useful for travers. Just pop on the cap and throw it in a bag. There is no need to worry about it leaking and causing a mess or getting confiscated at TSA. Additionally, the Bar Handle conserves soap by minimizing water contact and allowing users to use the bar until the very end instead. Bare bars of soap disintegrate easily with constant splash exposure and break apart towards the end. The Bar Handle holds it in tact and thus saves users money and frustration.

While we believe that this product sufficiently depicts our mission and the effectiveness of the product, ideally we would have a few improvements. The current version requires us to adjust the soap to the holder but the final product would fit all block soaps. The holder would be adjustable and larger to fit all sizes of bars and possibly oriented to maximize the amount of surface area that is exposed. On a final prototype we would also have the magnets be embedded into the container on both sides and have it be waterproof so that unused soap stays dry.