Challenge 8

by post_author

Landscape architecture has a bunch of desirable products within but they often can be overlooked due to the scale of the project. This field is where i started my design thinking and i was curious about the way that landscape design can often go overlooked. The intent is to design in a way that relates to the environment while improving the user experience but often people like this without even noticing that “it” is there.

I see a translation of this to the product world but on a much smaller scale. Often people will like one bottle over another based on the shape without even noticing. One major difference is the amount of variety that is present in these markets. There is a large amount of desire for the product itself which shifts the scales.

When i looked at my what i got’s i saw evidence of this. Some of them were based on utility and others on desire. The products that i have highlighted all have some things in common. They seem like everyday things but there is a lot of time in effort spend in designing the details of these products to increase the ease of use. The ability to change the backpack around to fit my gear or pick how much memory I need on my memory card. The Bose headphones are made to be used while working out and has small tweaks to improve the workout. 

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