Most people have iPhones and therefore Apple headphones but the iPhone 7 headphones took a unique departure from previous versions. Instead of connecting to the traditional 3.5mm headphone jacks, Apple decided to dead that and instead have their headphones connect to the lightning jack. I am mostly annoyed by this because in the past I could simultaneously charge my phone, while listening to music. Now I’m stuck doing one or the other, which is particularly annoying during long-transit rides when I use my phone frequently, but also even while studying I often do both and now I must choose. The other annoying thing about these headphones is that they only work on iPhones (they don’t even have iPad compatibility) which means that while charging my phone, I couldn’t even make use of these headphones because there is no device that I can actually plug it into! I hope Apple considers the huge level of inconvenience that they are bringing their users when designing the next generation iPhone.