The samsung T1 is one of the smallest and fastest external hard drives on the market right now. Unlike most external hard drives that T1 is a solid state drive (SSD). The SSD uses flash memory which has quicker write and read times.

This becomes increasingly important when you consider the people who are working off of their external hard drives. I am a photographer and when i shoot my photos are RAW. This is a uncompressed file that can often times result in a large file. When you couple this with the fact that a shoot can result in hundreds of photo your system can slow down quickly. This is why the T1 is my favorite hard drive. It is small enough for me to take anywhere but fast enough to handle the heavy workload.  

The price to obtain and SSD is starting to drop which is decreasing the gap between an SSD and disk is smaller than ever before. In the next few years the SSD will begin to make the disk drive obsolete.