What I’ve Got: SKII’s Advertisement on Marriage Markets

by post_author


In one of the more fascinating examples of a Western advertising company (Tool of North America) being hired to promote a foreign product by tapping into a deeply problematic story and representing such a story through the docu-format, SKII’s “Marriage Market Takeover” is an endlessly fascinating advertisement. On one side of the spectrum, the advertisement bravely portrays a counter-narrative to the subjugation of single women (or “leftover women” in Chinese culture. On the other side, however, the advertisement is promoting a beauty product designed to make its consumers more “appealing” or “beautiful” in the eyes of the other. It is in that tension that something bizarre exists – though the ad chooses to portray an issue that has yet to be talked about on a large, mainstream scale, does it do so in a way that may be considered disingenuous? 

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