What I’ve Got: Netflix’s New Rating Algorithm – The Thumbs System

by post_author


Earlier this month, Netflix introduced a new way of voting/reviewing on their featured entertainment: a thumbs up/down rating system (rather than a star-system). According to Netflix, the thumbs-based ratings will “produce far more accurate recommendations for what you want to watch.” According to me, however, I am very skeptical that such a system will prove to be effective in keeping quality titles that may be smaller and harder to find (i.e. an indie movie a la Netflix’s recent acquisition from Tribeca Film Festival “Tramps” or even their recent production “The Discovery”) afloat. The system, in my mind, is far too simplistic. Further, as Netflix continues to face more glaring issues in the way its content is curated and distributed (see David Ehrlich’s article on Netflix “burying” its indie titles in the void of its other selections – http://www.indiewire.com/2017/04/netflix-bad-for-movies-theaters-okja-tramps-1201806272/), it will be interesting to see if the Thumbs system truly proves to aid users with better suggestions.

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