What I’ve Got: iPhone’s Raise to Wake

by post_author



This is a small thing that I’ve noticed but one that makes me truly admire Apple for their incredibly detail-oriented user experience. 

Raise to Wake is a feature on the iPhone that automatically turns on the screen when you pick up your phone. 

There is so much I love about this feature. It is such a stunning example of a streamlined and seamless user experience. Why else would a person pick up his or her iPhone except to turn on and look at the screen? Before this feature, you would have to press the on/off button on the iPhone to look at the screen after picking your iPhone. But Raise to Wake automates this process for you. 

I know I always look at my iPhone to check to time, so Raise to Wake makes this process incredibly fast and simple for me. There’s no need to push a button and grip your hand around the device awkwardly to reach the button. The iPhone detects that it’s being picked up and automatically turns on in its screen.

If this isn’t an example of a seamless user experience, then I don’t what is. 

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