I’ve been seeing Soylent ads everywhere on my social media nowadays– and I’m pretty happy about it too. Everytime I scroll down Facebook, I’ll see images of their clean white bottle and colorful packaging designs.

The company has undergone a major marketing transformation. I remember the days when Soylent was a super fringe product (it’s still pretty fringe today but definitely on the verge of entering mainstream knowledge). They only sold one product– which was their original drink that came in one flavor. The packaging was more uniform and white and overall very scientific and unappetizing looking.

But recently the company has revamped its marketing campaign and has been rolling out tons of new products. They’ve introduced two new flavors– Cacao and Nectar, made a new drink Coffiest, and come up with a Soylent bar too. They’ve also improved their marketing, changing their graphics and images to be younger, fresher, and more vibrant. 

I’m a big fan. They’ve still stayed true to their original aesthetic of the white bottle but have added pops of color and human warmth that made their product much more appealing. I can’t wait to see where the company goes in the future.