Challenge 10: “A” – multipurpose wallet

by post_author

The A is for all-in-one! In our field research, we found
that there are two products that are already out there, but each have their
downfalls in terms of functionality. There were wallets that doubled as purses,
with removable straps, but they didn’t hold a whole lot. The main complaint was
that the straps were too short, and that the phone fit in too snugly. On the
other hand, there were workout products, that did another sort of two-in-one
function: with a phone and ID essentials attached to an armband strap. These
had good reviews but we wanted to come up with a way to combined the two
products. Why not have a truly all-in-one wallet? One of the struggles of
having many different bags, workout straps, and lanyards, is that you can get
your things jumbled and forget where things are. The all-on-one wallet that we
have come up with allows you to carry your work-out band, typical wallet items,
pen, lipstick or chapstick, and removable essentials pack all in one wallet-bag

Our bag is meant to be made from leather for durability, or perhaps vegan
leather for those concerned about materials. There are 4 simultaneous functions
that set our bag apart. It is a wallet, bag, workout band, and essentials kit
all together. The wallet has hooks and eyes on the outside that allow for a
removable strap, when you want to bring it as a small crossbody. It has a three
fold construction and magnet closures for easy access and use. On the first
fold, there is a hidden slit on the inside fold where the included workout band
attaches and secures to the wallet. This allows you to both carry your phone
easily in the wallet, and also remove it and immediately go to your workout
session. The middle fold is a typical wallet compartment: a pocket with a
zipper for coins, and two compartments for money, passport, checkbook, and any
other items of the sort. The third fold is for cards, so there are the usual
credit card slits at the top, followed by a pocket that carries the essentials
pack. This pack is a removable ID pouch in matching leather that can hold your
credit card, ID, and keys for when you are just running somewhere nearby and
don’t want to take your whole wallet. The removable portion features a clear
plastic sleeve to reveal your ID, as well as a hook with a magnet closure so
that you can secure it anywhere on you when you’re on the go.

This product is both functional and practical. A lot of
wallets market for functionality, but they tend to favor compactness over
usage. While our wallet is a little larger, it solves the complaint people have
of not being to fit enough items or having their phone too snug. Especially
with a market like women’s wallets, many women don’t put their wallets inside
of their pockets so they have different demands then men. They favor how many
things can fit into one place, rather than compactness of size. Now all of the
essentials are in one place, and this whole wallet can be thrown into larger
bags or purses if you want to style things differently or you are doing out.

Finally, there are tech add-ons that we did not include in our actual
prototype, but we want to include in our design thinking. One of the benefits
of having everything in one wallet is that you will never have to worry which
bags your things are in. The problem we wanted to address though was making
sure all of these removables were always in your wallet.  To do this, we have come up with the location tracking
stickers that we will place on each of the objects: your workout band, essentials
pack, and keys. The stickers will locate your items through Bluetooth tracking
to your A account on your computer or on your phone. That way, you will always
make sure that all your products are together your one convenient wallet.

In terms of marketability, this product caters to both of
the groups of the original inspiration products: workout bands and fashion
wallets. This product is both stylish, since it looks like any other crossbody
bag, and functional since it carries every one of the objects that you would
need. People who look for function will find this product superior because it
also has style; those who look for style will also get all the functionality.

Below is our prototype. It was made out of canvas in order
to keep cost low and expedite production time on our end, but the actual
product would be made of a more luxurious material, like shown in the
photoshopped first image.  

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