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Two-Tin Ramen represents a much-needed innovation in the market for instant ramen in the U.S. The flavor that characterizes authentic ramen, umami, is noticeably absent from most instant ramen products on the market today. This is a product of the fact that whereas authentic ramen is served in a rich, meaty broth, instant ramen is prepared using only hot water and a packet of seasoning. Instant ramen brands tend to make up for this unfortunate deficiency by pumping their products with sodium and MSG. As a result, instant ramen tends to be consumed more often as a snack than as a complete meal.


Currently, the U.S. market for instant ramen is dominated by one brand: Maruchan. Although a vast number of alternatives exist, they are often only sold at supermarkets that specialize in Asian food, and many do not contain English-language packaging. Although many of these products are quite good, they may not be accessible to an English-speaker seeking a decently healthy and filling instant meal. Two-Tin Ramen’s goal is to fill this void by offering a more upscale entry into this market, one that will ideally be of interest to all those seeking an authentic ramen experience.


Although Two-Tin Ramen is prepared much like traditional instant ramen, it delivers an entirely new taste experience. Unlike most instant ramen products on the market, Two-Tin never flash fries its noodles. Its noodles are air dried, which is the much healthier option. The initial plans for the release of Two-Tin Ramen include four flavors, each designed to offer a depth of flavor not present in any other product currently on the market. The four flavors are:

  • • Spicy chicken soup with buckwheat (soba) noodle
  • Dashida (beef stock) soup with kimchi and traditional noodle
  • • Chicken soup with traditional noodle
  • • Miso broth with mushroom flour and wheat noodle (vegetarian option)

Although each of these flavor combinations is perfectly suitable for a complete meal as-is, Two-Tin Ramen suggests optional enhancements on all of its packaging. To give a new depth of flavor to the broth, Two-Tin Ramen suggests adding peanut butter or coconut milk. Suggested garnishes include:

  • • Sriracha or gochugang
  • • Soft-boiled or fried egg
  • • Fresh kimchi
  • • Roast chicken
  • • Sliced or minced pork
  • • Bean sprouts
  • • Tofu
  • • Chopped scallions
  • • Peanuts
  • • Cilantro
  • • Sliced avocado

Two-Tin Ramen is designed to make its customers feel satisfied and full, while giving them the opportunity for a more DIY, gourmet experience if so desired.


Another problem with the instant ramen market as it stands now is its reliance on environmentally-unfriendly packaging. Many packages are made of Styrofoam, which is notoriously terrible for the environment. Moreover, most Styrofoam is not meant to be microwaved. Two-Tin Ramen comes in a container made of sugarcane, which is both compostable and microwaveable. Indeed, sugarcane can withstand temperatures of around 200 degrees. The packaging is modern and eye-catching, and immediately identifies the product as an up-market option.