The Fascenario.3 makes the huge claim that they are the best road bike on the market. This is lofty but can they back it up? Everything about this bike is built to be aerodynamic. You can see this in the unique design of the fork. The fork bends out around the the wheel leaving a bigger gap than most other road bikes. This was intentional when you think about the air passing through and around the bike. The extra space allows air to move pass the fork quicker shaving off valuable time during a ride. You can see how wide the fork really is in the picture below: 

Compared to the fork of a leading competitor:

The frame is also very lightweight, weighting 1130g with the fork. With all of the features combined this is a really good bike but is it the best on the market? I think that bikes need to be customized for each rider and their riding style. So if you are looking for a good place to start this could be for you.