The Logitech anywhere mouse is a wireless mouse that uses bluetooth connections to function. At first when looking at this mouse you don’t think that it is that different from the other wireless mice on the market. If you take a closer look you will see that there are small details that logitech has installed to make this mouse stand out from the rest of the competition. First look at the name, anywhere. The ability to use this mouse on just about any surface is one of its best features. I can use it at home on the couch, laying in bed, or even outside on the ground. Wherever i need a mouse the Mx is up to the task. The other cool detail about this mouse is its ability to connect with multiple devices. When I am working on my laptop sometimes i need to use my desktop to use a windows computer. This allows me to switch with just one click. The last thing that i love about this product is the middle button. They removed it from the rolling pin and added a separate button to middle click. Great Mouse!