Canon recently released the newest version of their DSLR camera, the Canon 5D Mark III. This model has a bunch of new upgrades from the previous versions that can help improve the quality of the photos that someone is taking. The mega Pixel count has been increase to 22.3 and it can shoot full-time 1080 HD footage. I have been taking pictures for a long time with the Canon 6d and this camera is a big step up from what i am using. The ability to auto focus has to be one of the strongest new features. The Muliti-zone wide-area autofocus allows for better tracking of subjects while shooting.   

It seems like with every new camera the low light capabilities get better and better and the Mark III is not different. The ISO capabilities have been upped to 102400 making shooting in lower light situations a lot easier than before. This also reduces the amount of noise that one would see in their night shots. The camera can also hold multiple memory cards at the same time. This is the perfect camera for anyone looking to do professional work. Lastly, the body is still compatible with all of the old EF lens so it may be expensive but their is no need to start from starch.